"I feel fortunate to be a client of TLC in Action Home Healthcare. I think they know what they are doing. I must say that each and every team member of TLC in Action has the true care and compassion embedded in them, and it reflects in each interaction. They stay on top with prompt and effective communication by providing me and updating me with information related to my healthcare and my services. I feel so motivated to be involved in making decisions about my health and planning the care for myself."MA – A TLC in Action HHC Client

"When I was told that my child has Autism Spectrum Disorder, I was devastated. I soon realized that I could not waste time in initiating necessary care and other services for my child. I came across TLC in Action Home Healthcare – I am so happy that I did. Their support was extraordinary and it really helped me come out of the ‘denial phase’ quickly and take actions to better my child’s life. I was given all the resources I needed, and the support to coordinate the best care possible for my child. We feel the real caring and compassion every day, every time, the TLC in Action care provider comes in to care for my child. My child would not be where she is now, without the support of this great team. Truly happy to find TLC in Action!"DR – Parent of TLC in Action HHC